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Oct 14, 2007
I am new to Talking Point and realize that there is so much more knowlege here than I already have, despite being full-time and only carer for my partner, diagnosed with Alzheimer's more than six years ago. My comments here are directed at carers in England.
BBC Radio 4 has invited listeners to contribute their experiences to a programme they are planning to broadcast soon.
Please let the world know how bad it is by e-mailing the programme with your experiences. I have found that most people have no idea of the problems for patients and their carers; "Oh I keep forgetting things too" is the usual crass comment I get on the subject of Alzheimer's.
It is doubly important to get the information out there into the public domain as the Government is apparently reviewing care provision and it is clear to me that the right to free medical care on the NHS is being undermined by defining needs as "social" which, if provided by the authorities at all, is subject to means tests and assessment by an army of box-ticking social workers. As the need for social care is one of the symptoms of the disease, why should it not come under the heading of medical care and be assessed by doctors?
And why should carers looking after their loved ones not receive a wage? Carers allowance is not paid to old age pensioners, yet the care, if provided in a care home, would cost several hundred pounds a week and would have to come out of the public purse once the patient's and carer's own savings had been confiscated.
Please send some the experiences you have been recounting here to your local council and your member of parliament.


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Oct 17, 2007
birmingham uk
hear, hear i agree with what you say £48 a week is disgusting should be £480 a week.if all the carers left their loved ones at the hospitals on the same day then the soft stuff would hit the fan.most people havent got a clue what goes on 24/7 in our lives.as for the penpushers they should be paid £48 instead of £25000 a year.most of them are young kids who have no children of their own,let alone experience of looking after someone whos ill


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Sep 27, 2006
Do you know which programme in particular we should direct our e mails to? It would be helpful to have a specific address. I agree wholeheartedly with all you have said. xx TinaT


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Oct 17, 2007
kelowna, bc, canada
Totally agree. My mum is 74 and cares for my dad 24/7. She has osteoporosis and arthritis and a fibulating heartbeat. Yet she struggles on. Fortunately my sister and her husband and my aunt and uncle and some kind neighbours help her with the load.
Carers are completely underrated and a silent army of 'angels' for whom the working day never ends.
I'm certainly going to send in an email. Thanks for pointing it out.


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Aug 7, 2007
Making Links

A slight problem with the structure of TP is that things do not always get linked. There are two active threads under "Raising Awareness & Campaigning" that are relevant to this thread:

Radio 4's "Today" Week on Carers gives full details and background on the radio programme.

New Deal for Carers provides my perspective on the current consultation on this in the form of a letter to the appropriate Whitehall dept. (By the way, I have not yet heard from Whitehall but my MP, who I copied on the letter, is ready to take up the issue).


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Oct 14, 2007

Thanks to all who have expressed their support . Special thanks to Petrus for providing addresses and thread details. I have looked at the campaign section of the site also and added my twopennorth. I am forwarding emails on the subject to people on my contacts list, and asking them to let their contacts know how much we need public awareness.

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