Speaking Alzheimer's


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Oct 15, 2005
Hello everyone

If I am not visible, it's because my computer cookie isn't behaving . I now really appreciate that to read what's posted in here, one can do so without logging in - Thanks to Nada and Craig! Can really appreciate the importance of Access.

Well, I still haven't bought the book on Learning to speak Alzheimer's but I believe there are plenty here who have read this book and similar ones. I was wondering if someone could help me interpret the following:

My mother has now been referring to everything in terms of coca-cola and Bournvita (used to be a health drink in India when I was a kid) . For example, she's always been wanting to go home and when asked why, it's because of coca-cola. She isn't hungry because of coca-cola. She's moved the blankets and pillows from one room to another because of coca-cola !

My hubby thinks she could make a great ad for coca-cola !


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Feb 26, 2006
Hi Sue

I have looked in the index of my copy of said book and can find no reference to coca-cola or Bournvita! If I have time I will see if there is a clue to your problem and report back.



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Mar 16, 2005
Hi Sue,

Perhaps it is just a "fun" word that your Mum likes to say? Or perhaps she remembers that "Things Go Better With Coke" :)

(As in the 1963 advert)
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Feb 24, 2006
When the meals-on-wheels people came round to do a survey of likes and dislikes, my mother said she didn't like anything with pot-pourri on. It turned out pot-pourri meant gravy. (Unfortunately most of their meals did have gravy on so of course most of them went in the bin.)


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Mar 15, 2006
Didnt the ad say..."Its the Real Thing"?.....!!!!!!

My brother in Law can speak Alzheimers...always interprets for Mum...I will ask him next time I see him!! :)