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Oct 3, 2005
Has anyone got experiences of their loved ones voice changing and having difficulty getting their words out. It sounds like he is short of breath but his chest is fine.
Whilst i am on can anyone tell me how i can convince my friend that i am not going to leave him or put him in a home. He gets quite nasty sometimes and makes horrible accusations which is quite upsetting and he spend the day in silence, sulking.I try to convince him and usually by the end of the day he seems to except it but in the morning he starts again. He also asks to go home, when i tell him he is home he says he knows that- but when are we going home?
He has been really good since he came out of hospital last Monday but i can seee signs of the hallucinations coming back and he is talking to "people" again. His medication has been increased whilst in hospital and i thought that was the reason he was better but it wouldn't have changed back so quick would it?
I am feeling very isolaed at the moment as we still haven't had the results of the tests and i sometimes feel that i don't like this man anymore-why am i bothering, but i supose everyone feels like that at some stage.
Thanks for listening


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Aug 10, 2004
Hi Doris,I care for my mum and she as days when she asks all the time when are we going home instead of trying to explain that we are home which always ended up with her getting upset i just say lets wait till later then i quickly try to change the subject and distract her.She also struggles with her speech often she knows what she wants to say but something totally differant comes out.It is very hard caring for someone with A/D Doris but i have found the more you learn about it the easier it becomes and this site as been a major help to me.STORM


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Mar 12, 2005
West Sussex

I am going through this speech problem with Mum at the moment, it is difficult but I usually know what she means, and we get there in the end.

One word of caution regarding telling your your friend he will never go into a home.

We knew that the chances of Mum having to go into residential care were high, so when she used to get upset about being "locked up" as she put it I always promised she would never be anywhere she wasn't safe and looked after.

Yes, that side-stepped the problem, but it calmed her and now she is in a secure EMI home, the staff and family can always reassure her that she is in a safe place being well looked after and it has worked for her.

Most importantly I made a promise to Mum and ,in our childhood home,we never broke a promise. See, I am still doing what Mum tells me, well mostly anyway.



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Jun 4, 2005

Hi, my husband has very quiet, slurred speech, and I thought it was due to Parkinsons,but has since been diagnosed with Dementia as well, now the speech therapist has been and she had ordered an amplifier to try and increase the volume, but decided that there would probably no point so she took it away, I am inclined to agree with her as he wouldn't know how to use it,it seems that this dreadful illness affects nearly everything in his life.


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Sep 1, 2005
My grandmother has very serious speech problems. Lot of times she doesn't remember right worlds and mixed up several arguments in a single speech.

For example, she is in a nursing home since 10 days and she hasn't been ablt to tell us what she ate for lunch or dinner....

Michael E

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Apr 14, 2005
Ronda Spain
Monique has speech problems as well - uses the wrong word - noun frequently - or simply cannot find the word - Think this is fairly normal with AD - I just fill in the missing word or accept the incorrect word offered. I am certain she could not tell you what she had for dinner last night far less a few days ago... Again from what I have read this is pretty normal....


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Jan 31, 2004
near London
Hello Smogthe Cat

Yes, Michael is correct, the speech does go.

But what you describe is more than speech:

For example, she is in a nursing home since 10 days and she hasn't been ablt to tell us what she ate for lunch or dinner....
The seems to me to be a memory issue, perhaps also with speech as well.

She actually can't remember what she has eaten. People with dementia become very forthright about what they see/feel/say. If she can't remember, she will say I don't know.

;) of course the food may not be reconisable to her so she may not know the name of the food she has eaten?

When people go into nursing homes, we have an expression for how they can become. They become "institutionalised". Because everything is done for them, they just wake up, eat, sit, eat, sit, eat, go to bed, seven days a week.

Each day merges into each other day.

But anyway, speech does get affected very often.


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May 12, 2005
Dad speech getting worse

Dad speech has deteriated very quickly it seems like. Where as not so long ago i could pick up on what he was trying to say often and sometimes he would get most of the words right, nowadays instead of keep saying to him "what did you say" I'll go along with what ever he is trying to say, like saying to him "oh really, or not to worry i'll sort it out in a minute for you" Whether this is the right approach im not to sure of, but its all i can do, rather than keep asking him to repeat himself which its hard enough the first time for him to say and i don't want to confuse him anymore. Most of the time i can get the jist of him trying to tell me about the car, his pride and joy. So i tell him the car is fine as i driving it now and tell him how i've cleaned it for him as this was something he did all the time. On a good day even though there arn't many of them any more he will come out and tell me the time accurately or ask me where is oz, my husband. Most of the time is as i said just picking through words and trying to link them to his body language.