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Sep 26, 2005
east sussex
SOUTHERN COUNTIES RADIO is this week hilighting the subject of self-funders having to sell their homes. they have given a usful web site address Also a man called Derek Cole has been talking and he says an appeal to youR PCT should be a starting point in getting continuing nursing care.

regards Cynron x x


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Apr 1, 2003
Hi Cynron.

Interesting info as I'm just in the process of selling the house to fund care for mum and dad. We may need to rush things or get some sort of bridging loan.

On the subject of continuing nursing care, I'd be interested if anyone has had any positive outcome from applying for continuing nursing care? We have just been told that it is very unlikely due to the overwhelming cost for the PCT if they allowed more people to get funding.

I read the following factsheet which just makes it seem like a real tough battle (still helpful though) on eligibility for continuing NHS care.pdf

Anyone had any luck with this?



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Jan 31, 2004
near London
Hi Charlie

my understanding is that there is a list of criteria that each PCT has for NHS Continuing Care. My assumption would be that if someone can be proved to meet the criteria, it is not something that can be ignored.

I'd suggest the AS Legal Beagle as a first step.