Sorry to moan, but I am on the moan.


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Feb 17, 2006
I empty my in box skye thank –you.

Oh I got them ant depression tablets, my daughter who 24 studying hate me taking them, but she not living in my mind so have hide them , annoying really as even the young can be so judgmental . I got them and have made the appointment with the doctor for 11 am on Monday.

What I would like is to have counseling with someone who understand dementia , so may ask for a CPN of my own , don’t know if they can offer that , but what I like to hear like to hear like Beckyjan says its normal to feel what I am feeling , my mind has been going blank in trying to remember things , I say stress they say person I know , oh will I’ve done 7 move , yeah ok but have you done it with no support from an adult only teenagers that expect you to do it all , while they carry on with they life’s and I don’t like of loading my emotion on them. But then I got to remember they is people worse of then I , and we all know that does not make me feel better as it should when your live in it . That’s why I am glad I have you all, may sound silly but your all like my secret agents xx

That’s why I would like to have counseling with someone who work with in the area of dementia or has lived cared for someone with dementia to understand where I am coming from in seeing my mother like this. I do feel better for sharing.

My mother going back to how she was 5 years ago , but this time her mobility is worse so no wondering and she wetting her self is coming back , but now I have more understanding thanks to TP , she also got a cold and she yes is sleeping a lot like she use to before she first took the medication . just that sometime as I am sure you all know reality and being realistic is hard to face it full on , so this time , like I did not 5 years ago I am going to do it with the help of ant depression and help talking to a Counselor (sp)


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Hi Margarita

Thanks for emptying your box, I'll send a PM.

I'm so glad you've made an appointment to see the doc. I hope he can arrange some suitable counselling for you.

Take the pills, never mind the kids!!

You need them to get you over a bad patch, and to recover from the stress of moving house. I've moved house 7 times, twice on my own, but nothing prepared me for the last move, when John was four years into AD. I know what you were going through.

You can stop taking the pills when you feel better, and have got your mum stabilised in her new home.

Take care, and keep posting.