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Apr 16, 2008
i dont know if my mum is at early stages of dementia but strongly suspect she is, shes in hospital with chest infection which has apparently cleared up so they stopped the antibiotics, i spent 8 hours with her today and nothing that she said in that time made any sense, we had bonfire night and christmas within seconds and friends and family who we havent seen for years all made a visit to her mind today, this is new to me and i find it hard to deal with,
nurse told me that she might be confused because of the infection... but the infections gone, so why arent they doing anything about the confusion??
i dont understand?
when i asked the nurse why my mam was fully dressed with her coat on when i got there, the nurse looked at me like dirt and told me that it was her choice and shes confused..... tell me something i dont know!!


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Nov 16, 2007
East Midlands
Helllo Oldsoulchild,

It is a fact that infection in the elderly can cause confusion,as can admission to hospital..(a sudden change of environment)..or dehydration,or constipation..

The confusion may last longer than the infection..

Was your mum confused before the hospital admission?

Love gigi xx


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Apr 16, 2008
yeah she was slightly confused, but nothing compared to how she is now, they dont seem to be treating anything and today is the first day someone has checked shes had any drinks, i told them on thursday and friday thats shes not eaten or drank since sunday,,,,nobody did anything about that either,
shes being kept in there so that the specialist nurses she needs to see can see her on monday, problem is that these nurses wont take her on if shes confused, so....why do i feel nobodys doing anything
not treating the infection because its gone
not checking to see why shes still so confused, is there still some infection or is there another reason?
not making sure she has enough fluids?
im so upset at how shes being treated,,, or not treated,
i just want to bring her home, i know she would be less confused when shes back on familiar ground


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Apr 1, 2008
Sorry to hear your situation,it could be that as she isn't drinking that much she may have a water infection.While you are with her try attempting to as we say push drinks with her I find sometimes if you sit and have a drink and chat some do drink better rather than just drinking alone.

I hope you get it sorted and get your mum home and well. Vamp xx