Some well deserved pampering


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May 12, 2006
west sussex
I have recently registered with Carers Support Service for North and Mid Sussex , and was advised that there are a number of therapists offering carers treatments such as reflexology, reiki, aromatherapy etc, at a reduced rate, depeding on the treatment but normally at £10.00 per hour.

I contacted one of the ladies on the list this week, and whilst mum was at daycare I took myself off for a pedicure and indian head massage, which in total only cost me £20.00, to be pampered for 2 hours for just £20.00 was well worth it.

I was surprised to learn from the therapist that besides me she has only ever had one other person take up the offer.

I obviously don't know if its available in other areas, but may be worth a call to find out...