Some useful Dementia publications from Oz


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Jan 31, 2004
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Professor Chang and her team from the University of Western Sydney in Australia have produced some most useful publications.

If you go to this url: [link updated]

you will see [with other things] this:


Select the poster and there is a good example of a path through dementia, related to MMSE scores.

UWS chart.jpg

Select the Family Information Booklet and you will see 44 pages of useful information.

UWS Family Information Booklet.jpg

I have contacted the Professor to ask permission to use her work and she has agreed, stipulating only that it is accessed using the link above, because that will always show the most up to date version.

Always remember that cases of dementia vary a lot between people, so the information - particularly in the poster - may not reflect your own experience.

I will eventually move this thread to Resources but I think it will reach more members here.
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