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Some kind of post dementia trauma, as well as the grief?


New member
Apr 12, 2022
Just over four months since mum died. I remember the grief after my dad died, but it's very different this time. It feels like there's the grieving process, but then on top of that I keep getting very vivid flashbacks to the 'dementia horrors'. You'll all know what they are, the memories of what the disease did to our nearest and dearest.

I'm really struggling with this, but hope it's normal for anyone who has been through the experience. I purposefully went to spend Christmas with friends, which turned out to be the right thing to do, and now I'm travelling far from home, but as soon as the day is over and I'm lying in bed, all those images of what mum went through hit me again. It's so very sad and painful.

I know it's still relatively fresh, but I'm worried that those horrible memories will never leave me. I try hard not to focus on them, but they won't go away.

TP helped me so much through the time mum had dementia. I wish there was some support, somewhere to help process and deal with these feelings specifically related to the dementia memories. I guess the answer is to come back here to TP!

Am I making any sense?
You make so much sense to me. I hope you are feeling slightly better now. I am in the midst of these flashbacks and my anxiety is off the scale.