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social workers


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Jul 2, 2011
Had letter today from dietician,copy of one sent to my Mum's Dr.My Mum lost 26%of her body weight between May and November,on admittance to care home she weighed 6st 6.When I think of the battle I had with SW I am flabbergasted,he maintained that Mum was well supported in extra care flat and that her needs were being met.The small detail of her starving to death mattered not a not.The scary thing is if Mum had wanted to he would have sent her back,I'm convinced that the fact that she will soon be self funding softened his position.Anyway she has gained 4lb in weight,not a lot but a start.


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Jan 14, 2010
East Kent
It is so good to hear that your Mum has started to put weight back on.
Four pounds may not sound a lot , it's around two bags of sugar and IMO a very good start.
Some people and I include some um professionals in this, only seem to see what they want to see.

Keep that letter safe, in time you may want /feel up to putting in an official complaint.


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