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Social Worker Assessment


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Mar 31, 2022
Hello, my grandmother is having a social worker assessment tomorrow. Looking for any advice, or what to expect.
Story so far: Took my grandmother to the Drs with an itemised list of problems. Urgent referral to the memory clinic.
Social services called a week later. I had called them before, but they couldn't speak to me without my grans consent. Gave them a list of concerns that they noted anyway. They referred to this and asked for any further information.
Received a call back that they would be getting involved. Long conversation, ending with me sending a copy of my list to the social worker. She talked to her colleague from the memory re-engagement team, who said that, judging from what I sent, they wouldn't be able to help her. I was then told they were going to skip straight to an assessment in her home.
I've read the guides on the website to this sort of thing, but does anyone have any advice, or helpful hints to get the best out of this encounter?
Thanks in advance


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Apr 1, 2016
Hi @Sighthoundmum

I’m assuming you’re going to be present for the assessment - your grandmother will probably say she has no problems if you’re not!

You may be able to take the social worker to one side and explain the difficulties your grandmother is having. If you can’t do this try and sit where the social worker can see you but your grandmother can’t so you can shake your head or nod appropriately. I found dad’s social workers were very good at looking to me for the truth of his situation..


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Mar 31, 2022
So, we had the visit. The social worker who came was brilliant. She talked to grandma, but kept asking me for clarification. We also managed to have a chat away from grandma as I showed her out. She's going to arrange carers once a day, in the morning, and see how it turns out. Still waiting on the memory clinic, but at least balls are rolling now

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