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Social worker appointment


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Feb 15, 2020
Spoke to mums cpn today after being handed back from DRRT I told her the social worker was ringing at 11am to discuss where we go from here with care for mum. She said if social worker hasn't called by 12 call her to find out why .so 12 o'clock came I gave it another 15 minutes and rang straight to voice mail.I know they are busy but this was the third time I was supposed to have the appointment, I rang cpn she was straight on phone to social workers office 5mins later who calls me but the social worker and we have lift off things are happening (I hope) as soon as I said I wasn't coping and I was so low I felt suicidal and I might do a runner it was like a red flag to bull . it feels like a weight has been lifted already .mums cpn also found her respite bed but it was to go in tomorrow ,I thought we would see how the extra carers calls go first and look at respite at least with extra care calls I should be able to get a break in day and not have to cut my work hours to drastically, here's hoping.
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