Social services Direct payments


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Jul 1, 2005
We have recently for the first time been referred to Social services. The lady was very helpful,giving lots of advise. She has somewhat bamboozed me with info. Before we see her again I want to be clear in my mind what route we should be taking.
She has spoken about direct payments where the money is paid to us to select services. I am not sure if the assesment is done on the needs of the sufferer the carer or both?? What excactly can you use the money for.I know you can pay someone to look after the person but the booklet says you can use it for breaks,leisure but for which person. Does it mean as a carer they will pay for me to do something I want to do,gym,swiming or such like? Or is it only for the sufferer. If it is only the sufferer will it pay for little holidays.I understand they do an assesement of the help you you and base the payments on that. My husband has dementia and Parkinsons which means his needs are spaspodic. If they asssessed him as needing care to get up as an example, do I have to prove I have only used the money for this purpose when perhaps some mornings he does not need help and I may want the money for something else. Is it a case they say you need 2 hours help in the morning and 3 hours sitter service so you can shopping(or whatever) and that is only what you can do.I know you have to run a seperate bank account and keep records.
Is the money means tested? and does it effect other benefits such as pension credit,council tax,DLA and pension.Is it classed as income?
Sorry but I'm confused!!


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Jul 6, 2005
Holt in Norfolk

Dear Suem

I read with interest your post re Direct payments......we have used direct payments to buy care for my partners mother who lives with us and has AD.It has meant that we have been able to hire a day carer from 9.30am to 7.00pm Mon to Fri.This has allowed us to go to work and then come home and take over caring when the day help goes.We get this help from an agency but they are unable to provide any weekend staff! You will need to make sure that the resources are available to you before you agree to take the Direct Payments on board,there is also weekly accounts to fill in to say how you have spent the money!
On another note the Direct Payments had been suggested to me with the help i need to look after my Grandmother,I have decided that its better to keep the Social Services help as where I live there are not many carers available.Please make sure you check all this out before proceeding.If you would like any more advice please get in touch.Hope this helps.Neil


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May 20, 2004
I can only comment on Attendance Allowance - this gets paid with my Aunts pension into her account.