So, How am I feeling today? - Day 2 following of my diagnosis...


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Nov 5, 2019
4 months ago, I was told by the doctor at the memory clinic, that I definitely did not have young Onset dementia, that I had Mild Cognitive Impairment, and some short term memory issues, but that was to be expected in a lot of people my age...yay, a great day which I celebrated with my wife over a restaurant meal.....:cool:

I was aware that the following month that I was due a repeat of the memory test which went ahead and I scored a little worse than the previous one and it was decided to have a brain scan ("Brain Perfusion Scan").

well, the results were in , and whoop-de-doo, I had won the jackpot prize and was elevated to having YOD....story of my bleeding life.(and that's another post to make up my 10 posts;))
Trying to look on the bright side least I have been diagnosed early, and that there is some medication available to help alleviate it a little, as well as hopefully, it will be a number of years before it really impacts on family life, and our eldest two kids will have had the better years of me (in my opinion that is:p:p), and will have their own lives and careers to worry about.

TBH, Im feeling a bit better already:rolleyes:


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Jul 23, 2017
N Ireland
It's not the end of the world @TEEDEE62, although I know you may feel like it is.

If you have the time, do try to be proactive with regard to activities and social interaction.

As my forum name would suggest, I like karaoke and I still see my wife as she always was when she sings(I get her singing with me at home as well as in Karaoke Bars). My wife is also quite bright when at her Day Centre.

As you say, medication can help slow the progression. My wife is on both Donepezil and Memantine and the combination works well for her. Also be very aware that anxiety and depression are common bedfellows of dementia so get on top of those issues if they ever develop. A recent change of my wife's antidepressant helped a lot. There is a Society Factsheet about this issue - click the 2nd line of the following link to read and/or print it
Apathy, depression and anxiety (444)
PDF printable version

I hope things settle for you when you recover from the initial shock. Try to stay positive and come on here when you need support or just want to vent feelings. :)


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Apr 1, 2016
Hopefully you will have many many good years @TEEDEE62

We have one member here who was diagnosed twenty years ago and still going strong...

You have time to plan for the worst ...and hope for the best.


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Jan 16, 2020
my partner jack was diagnosed about two years ago in that time since his memory s got worse he has massive bouts of depression and anxiety he has always been a active person but seems since his diagnose cant keep still for 5mins he still wants to many of the old jobs he used to do well but struggles with many which he gets very angry and frustrated with him self he loves our pet dog but often forgets him when he takes him out though his gp apprantly finds this funny yesterday was a good bad day his football team were on telly which was good has it helped him remeber someof the adventures hes had following them all over the world sadly they lost but it was great seeing him like his old self shouting at the telly practically kicking every ball but it seems to have helped hes had friends round all day talking old times experiences it was good to see him remember some friends even commented he was like his old self its been very difficult in recent years getting him intrested in anything his football was always his life at one time sadly today yesterday might have been light years away he recalls little of the day the result which makes me very sad oh welli guess we have to thank for small mercys has his club anthem says marching ontogether i am thinking of inviting friends round again for the game but seeing how withdrawn and depressed he is today i am not sure not a football fan but would have been great to see his team win for him