so cruel


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Apr 17, 2008
southampton hants
Hello all,

Apologies if this post appears twice!

I went into the hospital this evening to see mum and was delighted when she greeted me with a huge hug and loads of kisses. This was great because for the last 2 months she's had this severe paranoia about her skin being polluted and contagious, so she usually gets upset when I touch her because she thinks she's contagious to me.

So after this greeting I thought she was having a very good episode, so I persuaded her to come off the ward for a walk in the hospital grounds in the sunshine, which for once she was happy to do. Then we went back into the hospital reception and sat down but mum starting choking. She was retching and she couldn't breath, so the Porters got her into a wheelchair and quickly back to the ward. Mum was OK for a while, but then she started choking again. The Staff Nurse gave mum a calming pill and tried to get mum to drink. But mum said that she felt like she was drowning, that her throat was closing over and that something was stuck in her chest which was stopping her breathing and swallowing. The doctor has examined mum's throat 3 times but there are no physical symptoms of inflamation or obstruction. The staff now think that this choking sensation is a new delusion.

How cruel is that!! No physical symptoms but to mum it's so so real - she actually stops breathing!! It is terrifying for her. This is only the start of it!! This one makes the other delusions seem insignificant.

What if she chokes in the middle of the night when she's lying down??

The Staff Nurse told me tonight that the Consultant is going to give mum injections because taking her medication orally isn't helping her extreame distress.

I am so worried about her. At least a staff member will be sat outside mum's room tonight which is re-assuring.

How cruel this is!

Sorry to off-load. Thanks for reading.



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Mar 7, 2004
Dear Sue, so very sorry to read your post. Your poor dear mum, how distressing it must be for her.

I have not heard of anyone having medication by injection instead of in liquid form. If it helps mum to relax it must be better, although my Lionel has a low pain threashold, so he would object.

Sorry to off-load.
Dont apologise, that's what we are here for. Wish there was something I could do. Sending you a{{{{ hug}}}}

I am so worried about her. At least a staff member will be sat outside mum's room tonight which is re-assuring.
Hope that calms your fears a little. Take care now, Connie.


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Dear Sue

What a distressing episode for you to witness. You must have been terrified.

Your poor mum, it must have been terrifying for her too.

I hope she hasn't had any more episodes overnight, and is feeling better this morning.



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Nov 28, 2005

Your post is so sad to read. I cannot help except to say YES 'how cruel this is'. It sounds like you have good medics around you and thank God for that.

I cannot add more but sending lots of sympathy to you and your Mum

Love Jan