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Jan 30, 2007
South Buckinghamshire
Libby said:
Goodness Sassycurls

what would happen, if her cigarettes became misplaced?

I would imagine she would get very distressed!

I smoke, mum doesn't (in fact I don't think anyone on this planet smokes any more!!). Her home is meant to be 'non smoking', but as someone who is often in need of a fag when I am in there, I am more susceptible to the smell of a newly lit one.

There is definiately smoking going on in that place and I suspect that it goes on in individual rooms, not communial areas.

After all, rent is paid on a room which is their home. And there is no law (yet!) to stop you smoking in your own home.


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Feb 18, 2007
Hi all,

I don't know if it helps but my understanding of the new laws (and I have had to read up a lot on it!!) is that smoking will be banned in all public places. Peoples own homes will not be affected and they can continue to smoke at will - even if carers visit them at home. In care homes the situation is different as all communal areas will have to be smoke free but residents can continue to smoke in own private bedrooms provided they do not ventilate onto public area (this does not mean a door but positive ventilation) again they can smoke in their own rooms even if carers need to attend to them. Smoking rooms will not be allowed and nor will it be possible to smoke in any vehicles that are used for work purposes. As for enforcement I doubt many Councils will be actively looking for people breaking the law (whatever the press say) they have better things to do with their time. I realise some areas may be more heavy handed but these will be by far the minority. However they will have to investigate if a complaint is made to them.


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Dec 22, 2005

:) i and hubby stopped smoking on 3jan 07 hubby smoked for 45 years i smoked for 30 years stopped with paches and mild gum on tuesdays i go to the smoking group were people talk it helps a lot i would never have beleved it possable for us to stop i allways said i would have to go on a rehab program to kick the weed but hear i am still sain wendy


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Apr 14, 2013
Not sure if anyone can help. My mum is getting increasingly forgetful although she has "passed" the test for dementia. She is a smoker and went from 20 a day up to probably 40plus last year before she fell and broke her hip. We moved her into a care village near us as she wouldn't go into care and to be honest didn't need it but her smoking has become a real issue.
Because she can't remember she will just chain smoke which then causes her to get breathless and just use her inhaler constantly. Her breathing became so bad the doctor wouldn't let her have a ventolin inhaler for use during the day and said we had to try to control her smoking which I agree with.
The problem is I work and so can not keep popping in with cigarettes. Also we didn't want mm to feel we were taking awA everything she enjoyed but no matter what she just smokes everything at once and then either has breathing problems or terrible crashes when she then has no cigarettes until I get there after work.
We have resorted to a timed cat feeder which rotates and issues cigarettes every hour over 6 hours but why oh why has no one come up with a proper timed dispenser!