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Feb 17, 2006
That what happen when we differ from our perception of how we perceive something we read .

No the only thing you was suggesting was
When someone tells me I have to 'be strong for my son' ... I could scream at them at times ....... how many people can one person be strong for?????
You did not want to be strong for your son Fed up with people saying that and I was one of them !

because I said , and quoted me as saying
Originally Posted by Margarita
Never forget you are your daughter role model
So you perceive that as me as saying one has to be strong for one child

If you had carefully read my reply to mark you would of read that I did not mention anyone had to be strong for anyone .

So no was not suggesting anything about YOU , Only I would not
Originally Posted by Margarita
But I be dame if I would tell my child that I have ever felt like I have lost the will to live
because that is what I was only referring to

I only said Dame , because you had taken my words all out of content & made your own assumption of what I meant , all a misunderstanding , when someone read something that was not said, if you get my point .
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