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Oct 14, 2004
Does anyone have any experience of arranging for carers to sleep in to provide support for their loved one with dementia.

I travel frequently and am not keen on the institutional respite scene so am looking to have people stay inmy home to support my aint when Iam away.



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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Hi Lee, we had sleepovers for Mum so I could have a night in bed rather than in and out of it. It was arranged through Crossroads but you can get them through a private nursing agency if you are desperate. Obviously I can only tell you the basics as not clear on your situation. If your Mum is paying for care, the Crossroads sit will be a less costly one. The agency is quite expensive I'm afraid, but once they know what is needed, I found all of them pretty reliable. They usually arrive about 8pm and leave about 7am but this possibly could be negotiated or else perhaps another take over till you returned. If S.S. are paying, get in touch with your S.W. explain the problem and ask if they can help at all first.They should still be able to help by giving you the names of some agencies etc. even if your Mum is paying but you will be billed accordingly if you go through S.S. and it may work out more expensive than doing it privately. It's all means tested. I got a quote from an agency and then compared it with what S.S. were thinking of charging. As my Mum had to pay for care it was cheaper to go private in our case. Hope you can get the help you need soon, love,She. XX


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Jul 31, 2004
sleep overs

i havent employed anyone to do this but i used to work as a carer for a very disabled child, i used to live in his house for up to 7 days while his parents took a break, i was paid hourly for 24 as often he was up during the night it worked really wella s the child was in his familliar surrounding with all his equipment etc on hand.