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Oct 29, 2005
Leeds, UK
mum just slapped me, whack, right on the cheek (for someone with poor coordination she got that right) and I didn't mind a bit :)

Last night I got totally plastered, sort of sod xmas sort of thing and sod everything else.
So when mum shouted me, I asked her to not be so loud, I have a slight headache, and it is only slight luckily.
She's more with it and I said I had a hangover, then she whacked me and started lecturing me, tho it was garbled, then ended with, ..david, I don't approve of strong drink!
Now, as a rule I don't drink I dont really like it, so was my first get drunk in 15yrs or so, heh, but mum hates it from her doing what i am doing now for her, she did for grandad, tho he drank himself to death, and my dad was an alcoholic.
So we'd always get a sorta lecture, but she's never hit, I think thats a playful slap misaimed as she'd wave a hand like a slap at the end.
Funny tho how a slap can be like a hug, her eyes twinkled, and I saw old mum just for a min or two :)
I think it'll be 15 more yrs afore i drink like that again tho, lol, too expensive and I'd rather read a book :)
merry xmas all, just thought i'd share the nice moment with u :D



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Jul 15, 2005
ah, but a book wouldn't have brought the disciplinarian out of your Mum :D
It probably made her feel good too.
Happy holidays,