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Nov 28, 2004
Has anybody any experience of their relative becoming very ‘skittish’ in the presence of certain company? Though my Mum is supported by us in almost every way, she seems to have taken to a man close-by, and has been saying that he has proposed. Whilst we are running around looking after her, she in turn is running around after him!! I cannot believe this is happening!


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Jul 31, 2007
Dear Lulu,
I can laugh at this now but not at the time.
On admission to the E.M.I. Unit a lady aged 86 came up to Peter and took his hand and the two of them went walkies along the corridor. They were smiling at each other and still holding hands. You probably guess I was gutted. When did he last hold my hand ? When did he last smile at me like that? Peter at the time was 61.
The Staff Nurse watching what was happening and perhaps it was the expression on my face. Said "Oh by the way don't worry about that she always attaches herself to new men." O.K. I thought my shy husband would normally not have done that. On the next visit, Peter was not in his room but in hers.
After a couple of weeks he told me she was a b*****y nuisance keep coming into his room !!!! Perhaps if she has been 50 years younger his attitude would have been different ????
On a sad note it is another strange thing that go into, so I would not buy a hat.
Wishing you well in the confused A.D. world. christine

Canadian Joanne

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Apr 8, 2005
Toronto, Canada
My mother has had several "boyfriends" in the home - all staff members and all probably at least 30 years younger than she is. One is only in his late 20s!! Just let it go - if it makes your mother happy, it's a good thing.

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
My grandmother had an entourage of young male students, in her later years.

She was a pianist and they were students of music. They thought she was wonderful, as she was able to accompany them on the piano, no matter what they played.

Aged 85, the favourite piece in her repertoire was `Frankie and Johnny`. The students were teaching her the guitar.

When she eventually went into the NH, aged 89, I asked if any of the male residents had caught her eye.

`They`re too old,` she said. `No life in them.`


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Aug 21, 2007

My 80 year old Mom had a very soft spot for one of the young gardeners at the respite home she used to go to, she used to get a real sparkle in her eye and comment about his nice bottom every time she saw him. My 87 year old Dad is totally in love with my friend who looks after him when I'm away, to the point he would like her to divorce her husband and marry him. He also told one of the nurses when he was in hospital very recently that he loved her. Bless.



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Jun 26, 2006
Mum in Law is the same..... reverted to her younger days..having been widowed for 30 years plus, since her 50`s, and had not taken up any relationships..although she enjoys others company..once she developed AZ, and as it progersses, she also became a bit skittish..even mistook her son visiting from Oz as a potential boyfried..which took him aback..but a chat with our lovely psychologist who explained this was often the case helped him to deal with this situation. Some people have been known to reject their spouses because they dont recognise the `old` man or woman they live with ..because their perception of themselves may be that of a 20 something year old!