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Sixteen in 16

dominic s

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Oct 9, 2015
Throughout 2016, I will complete sixteen challenges to raise funds for the Alzheimer's Society.

Along the way I will be supported on these challenges by friends, family and colleagues, thank you to them all and you can also sponsor them for their endeavors.

These challenges will include a marathon, my first triathlon and many more. You can read about them all and how to sponsor me at wwwdotsixteenin16dotcodotuk -broken link

Those with dementia require a huge amount of support and so will I, if you want to join me in any of my challenges and raise funds for the Alzheimer's Society or your own preferred charity.

I am training hard and supporting this charity for 2 reasons. One because of the memories of my grandma, and the difficulties she experienced with dementia in later life. It was a tough experience to understand as a 13 year old boy, why some one you really loved and cared for didn't recognise you any more.

Secondly for Gill's mum who is moving through the stages of this horrible disease and the stressess and strains it puts on everyone in the family. She is now requires full time care at such a young age.

Anything we can do to support research in to this condition and support people with dementia and their families.
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