Six cardigans & a stroppy Grandmother


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Feb 19, 2006
Desperately need help!
Things have taken a turn for the worse, Grandma has Bronchitus and won't take her anti-biotics, mum told that she had to take them or would end up in hospital. An agency went in yesterday to make sure that Grandma was eating and was well in herself, mum stayed off work to observe and said that it all went well.
This morning my mum's phone rang at 5am, it was her next door neighbour saying that they thought grandma was a pounding at their door...
Sure enough it was Grandma, unfortunately, neighbours husband thinking house and cars were being attacked phoned the police, who turned up mob handed (6 of them), they live in a village 10 miles from the closest town. So god only knows which bush they were all hiding behind!
Anyway Grandma was not at her best, shoes, tights, six cardigans a dressing gown and two handbags, very cold and confused.
My mum has now decided that enough is enough and Grandma has to go into a home, now we have a new problem, all the good ones are full....
Nice social worker on the case apparently, giving my mum lots of moral support but what now:confused:
How do we find a home:confused:


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Feb 19, 2006
Thank you I will check it out things are a bit better this morning, social worker is being very helpful and is going to get grandma assessed asap, my mother feels better today as well, think she really hit rock bottom yesterday....
She so desperately wants to care for grandma at home, but is starting to recognise that it just might not be possible. Alot of homes local to them will not take anyone with dementia, how unfair.

Dave W

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Jul 3, 2005
Some more info to try

Purple, so sorry to hear you're having a bad week. It all sounds very familiar to me (I was woken up by the police phoning me several times last year), and I can imagine how you and your Mum are feeling. If you haven't found a link to it yet, try - you can search for homes by post code, by town and category and view inspection reports online. Don't make your decision - even if have that luxury - on the report, but use the site to track down homes to contact. And get as much help and advise as you can - there are several useful factsheets on the site about all that's involved in the process.

Keep posting to let us all know how things are going - I'm sure many more people than me will able to advise, support - and just plain listen. It really does help to get it off your chest.

Take care - Dave

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