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Silly I know


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Aug 23, 2006
Do others feel at a loose end when their loved one is taken out for a few hours.? Susan is taken out 2x a week for 2 hours each time and I am lost as to what to do.
Stupid I know but I tend to pace about and play music but I keep looking out for her return. I should be making the most of my break, but mentally I cannot concentrate.
Like read a book. I just wander. I know she will not be out for the full time as she gets anxious and just wants to get home. So she is brought home after about an hour. But I wish I could relax.


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I'm exactly the same - sort of :eek: . This morning I had a couple of hours at home totally alone, and this is the first time in months, as both my children are educated at home, and my husband is on permanent sick leave.

It was weird, I should have been happy, but all I could think about was how quiet it was, and how I was feeling lonely. I kept wandering about the house, not doing anything, and then surfing the web, then wandering around again!

My daughter is home now (11 years old), and the cartoons are blaring in the background and I'm wishing it was quiet again LOL

Not the same as you, I know, but it struck a chord with me, you posting this on the very day I was feeling the same.:rolleyes:


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Apr 10, 2007
Vancouver Island, Canada
How about if you arrange to meet a friend for coffee during the first hour or so of being alone? For me one of the hardest things is to be without meaningful conversation, so this way you'd have some other human contact and distract yourself at the same time. It's so important to keep up with friends, as when this journey is over you'll otherwise be very alone.


Grannie G

Volunteer Moderator
Apr 3, 2006
I think this restlessness is because we worry about them so much.

You can`t relax because you know Sue will be home earlier than the allotted 2 hours, but probably never know exactly when.

You are probably so unused to being by yourself, you don`t know what to do with yourself when you are.

When my son was small, some friends offered to take him out for the day. I welcomed it with open arms. I had so little freedom.
Well I did what I wanted to and had an enjoyable day, but by 3 pm. found myself watching the clock, waiting for his return.
Contrary beings, aren`t we.


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Mar 7, 2004
chris, I think Annesharlie has some good suggestions.

Nothing is ever perfect, but we do have to make the most of every precious hour.

We so love them, we want to do right by them................and any time is precious.

Make it count.