SIL Update


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Jun 4, 2012
This week, SIL moved MIL into SIL's flat, which has a bathroom not a full wet room which MIL's has, so every a.m. the carer has to transport MIL in wheelchair around the complex in order to wash her. SIL being difficult!! (Doesn't want the carers). As a result MIL has a chest infection this could also be the fact that SI's flat is like a train station, people coming and going all the time. MIL also has massive fluid retention and SIL keeps forgetting the pills (accidentially on purpose). Despite all this physically MIL looks far better than she has for months.

Have had several long conversations with MIL over the course of the week, MIL seems to pass out mid word but gist of conversations Dr (who had been to visit) said DR died years ago, MIL uses Dr's name no hestitating is arranging for MIL to go home and next week she is having tea at Kew with my mother who died in 1987. I just said how how nice you are going out for tea and the gardens should be lovely at this time of year.

Also she has been telling very very tall stories re OH and me, OH says they make him out to be a pervert (the children think its very funny, but their father is not amused).

Oh well another step on the downward slope, regards to all (having trouble spelling make you all toads !!)