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Should we pay for mums assessment? (and other rants!)


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Dec 16, 2015
Hi all,

First time poster but been lurking a bit!

Long story short, mums had Alzheimers for 3 plus years and is/was still at home. I,ve been full time carer for her for 3 months and her grandson lives with her.

We have got by but mum recently had a UTI for 2 weeks( wrong biotics for the first week) and its hit her badly. Her walking has gone but she can load bare which is a plus.Virtual Ward got involved and said she needed assessment for maybe hoist etc but no mention of physio?

She is getting assessed in a local care home at £120 per week for approx 4 weeks and we have to pay. Is this right?
She is still lucid but they are hoisting her everywhere, have spoke to her GP and she was furious they took her away from her home when she just needed more help for us and a hoist at home and some physio to try get her mobile.
Dr is on the case and is getting physio sorted, it may or may not work but you have to try at least.

Rant over and welcome any advice.

Thanks Paul


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Mar 1, 2013
West Hertfordshire
Not sure that you should pay for assessment as such, I would imagine you'd need to contribute to board and lodgings though, possibly care too. When you consider the cost of being in a nursing home full time, £120 a week Is cheap. very cheep, very very cheap.

What is 'virtual ward'? Never heard of that


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Dec 18, 2015
Payment for assessment

Hi I would definitely question payment. Under the Care Act 2014 local authorities should carryout an assessment for free, you can also request a carers assessment! If your mum has been discharged to a carehome, as far as I am aware, there should be no charges for care for the first 12 weeks regardless of a persons income or assets. After this a financial assessment can be carried out if necessary. In addition to this if your mum has medical needs then the NHS not the local authority should be paying towards care under the NHS Continuing Healthcare - you may have to apply for this. There are some good factsheets on the Alzheimers website about fees that would be worth looking at.