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Should we give our Mum a weekly allowance 🤔

Chez Ann

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Sep 30, 2021
Hi, Our Mum was diagnosed with Frontal lobe Alzheimers during the pandemic. For nearly 2 years we have struggled to stop her from giving her bank details away to scammers on the phone.. As she simply forgets she has done it or which phone, gas, water supplier she is with. We have come up with the idea to now give her a weekly allowance, and remove her card. She still walks to her local shops and buys what she needs, so we don't want to remove that independence. We have tried everything possible. My question is.. Is this something any of you have had to do?


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Jan 23, 2019
High Peak
Scratch the 3-digit security code off the back of her card. She'll still be able to use it when shopping.

Do you have Power of Attorney? If not, get it done now, while you can. Then you could let her have access to an account with only a small amount of money in and move the rest of her funds safely to a separate account.
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Apr 1, 2016
Hi @Chez Ann and welcome to Dementia Talking Point 🙂

I did what @Jaded'n'faded has suggested and scratched off the 3 numbers on the back of the card. I kept a record of them so we could use the card if needed online or lever the phone but always supervised dad. He was actually happy to have cash in his wallet and I kept the card safe for him (I had LPA for him).


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Dec 15, 2012
Hello @Chez Ann
A warm welcome from me too
Access to money can get tricky
If your mum is happy with having regular amounts of cash, and no card, that's fine ...if she absolutely needs to have a card then maybe try a mix of a new card/account of which you have some control ... I've not had experience of the accounts advertised for children where parents have an app but that may work?


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Feb 9, 2017
Hi @Chez Ann , MIL insists on a card. We opened a separate account in her bank which cannot be overdrawn, we don't pay any bills out of it but monitor it and make sure there is always £200 in it so she can buy what she wants (she's always buying soft toys and new knickers for some reason). This keeps her calm and doesn't wast too much of her money.

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