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Shortcomings of CQC Inspections of Care Homes

Pete R

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Jul 26, 2014
Interesting article in http://nhsmanagers.net on shortcomings of current inspections from CQC.
The CQC is by no means perfect but on reading the CQC report it really is quite damning on this particular home. I would certainly want to know these failings if I was going to place a loved one there. Just one example....
"a diabetic care plan had not been maintained and the last record of the person’s blood
sugar levels was over seven months previously.":eek:

I am surprised that Mr Lilley could find no one that remembered when the inspection took place (Surely the activities coordinator who could not do that job as she was having to do the laundry would have had some recollection) as although the front page does not show the date inside it clearly states "This was an unannounced inspection, which took place on 4 June 2015." And was not the first to show similar concerns.

His attention to detail is rather troubling and I am always very suspicious of such "blogs" especially when written by a professional writer/speaker on NHS matters.:rolleyes:
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Nov 3, 2013
I don't really set much store by CQC inspection reports. It is hard to get a real assessment of a care home by observing what goes on and looking at the records kept. Staff and management are always going to try and do the right things when they are being observed. I know from experience that records are not always accurate. What families and residents really want is to know how kind and caring the staff are (hard to know how to assess that), are there enough staff, and how well trained they are.

Not so Rosy

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Nov 30, 2013
I visited this Care Home last year when I was looking for somewhere for my Dad and have to say I was impressed. To my mind I asked all the right questions, spoke to some family members of residents and to some residents and everything seemed hunkydory.

Dad was deemed beyond the care they offered even though fees were around £1,500 a week so I had to choose somewhere else.

The Care Home I chose has also now received a similar report even though it was ranked Good when Dad moved in. I was there today and talked to two families and everyone is a bit gobsmacked tbh. There were a few minor niggles but nothing of huge concern.

Obviously recruitment and retention of staff is a huge problem around here. I really don't know what the answer is !