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Short term detention tribunal


New member
Feb 14, 2020
Hi everyone.

My dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's a few years ago, and nearly 2 weeks ago, was sectioned under a short term detention (Scotland) there were a few incidents on the run up to this and my stepmother, at the time, hadn't reached out to let us know how much she was struggling, so now this is the position we, as a family are in at the moment.

Since the section, myself and my stepmother, along with my partner, have spoke, in length, about where she might have gone wrong, where we can go from here and what support we can offer her. We have also looked into different things that are available in the community etc.

We have a tribunal in a couple of days to try and revoke this short term detention, it's doing my dad no good at all being in the environment he is, it's affecting his mental health, and his physically abilities.

Has anyone been to a tribunal before and could maybe offer me some advice on what to expect from this? We are going out of our minds with worry.

Thanks in advance.


Volunteer Moderator
Dec 15, 2012
hello @abrm
a warm welcome to DTP
I hope the links nitram gave prove helpful

might you add Scotland as your location on your profile as we do have members who are also in Scotland so they might notice the location and be able to offer info specific to Scotland (many systems are particular to each country)