Shopping problem


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May 21, 2018
I have a problem that many may feel is stupid and trivial, and, TBH, I rather feel the same, but it is causing me problems.

I have claustrophobia and I find shopping in a supermarket very stressful - it feels like the shelves are closing in on me and I have several times had panic attacks while there. Ive been doing local shopping for perishables and general shopping, but its reached the stage where Im going to have to do a supermarket shop. I havnt been for a month and Im getting low on the stuff I cant get locally - in particular, OHs gluten free stuff. I am dreading it.

In addition to my usual anxiety, Im worried about having to wait in a queue (which will just make the anticipation worse), worrying about not being able to find what I need and also, I have this dry cough that Ive had for a month, so I dont think Ive got coronavirus and its probably a stress cough, but what happens if I start coughing in the middle of the supermarket? Normally I would take someone with me for moral support, but I cant do that.

OH and I are both under 70 and OH does not have a diagnosis, despite having multiple neurological problems. He has had so many infections of different sorts over the past 18 months that a doctor asked me if there was any reason why he had low immunity - whether he had had chemotherapy, or had HIV? The answer is no, no-one knows why, but Im sure that he is in the high risk category, except, of course, that he isnt. This means that we get no priority at all, I cant go in when its quiet, there are no delivery slots, and I worry about bringing the virus back.

Any advice and or tips for getting me there?
I see you have had lots of advice on the shopping. I just wanted to say that if you have had a dry cough for a while and think it is stress related, it might be due to acid reflux (mine is) so worth trying some antacids if you haven't already to see if that helps.


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Jan 5, 2014
I've been a bit distracted by life and couldn't offer anything helpful so haven't commented but so pleased to see you have got some flour sent you and a food box.

I certainly think different supermarkets in different areas are managing better than others.

I had a dry tickly cough for a few weeks in march and was blaming hayfever but it then suddenly disappeared - throat lozenges helped when it irritated me - it did get worse when near pollen so as I'm indoors so much maybe that has helped (was particularly bad when I went out at lunch for a sandwich)