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Mar 15, 2020
with shielding there can only be a bubble if the person is on their own or single parents to create a bubble with one other household. can be with a group of 6 people socially distance. waiting for the letter. this starts on 6th july. ends august 1st when can go back to work or shops socially distance. i had to take a lot of interest as my husband has been shielding since march.his confidence has been knocked and doesnt know about distancing and following arrows on the floor. he could go out on his own but we see. bluestar buses in southampton do helping hands card size of a bank card and it says i get confused or might need assistance and has his name and contact details of me.i dont want to curtail his freedom so put things in place so hes alright.whether he can manage or not i dont know after four months indoors.