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Shielding and Dementia

Janey B

Registered User
Aug 15, 2019
Hi everyone
Got a letter today from the NHS saying OH has now been identified as someone who is high risk ie extremely vulnerable and should be shielding until March 31st. Support offered with shopping medication etc !!! A bit late don’t you think 🤔 don’t know how we have managed this last year 🤣🙄
Any body else received a letter. Looks like people with Dementia are now being recognised as high risk with respect to Covid.

nae sporran

Volunteer Host
Oct 29, 2014
I got one of those today, but thankfully my local social services have provided help with shopping via a community charity. If it helps to make life easier for a month or two I would give them a call anyway.


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Mar 15, 2020
i had one last week as well. something to do with research finding other people that if contracted covid, could be seriously ill. so theyve added some more people on to the shielding list. my husband has been shielding on and off since last march. i did registered both of us just in case there was a problem and we needed help.


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Dec 6, 2016
Porthcawl, South Wales
No letter received for my husband advising to shield, instead I've made sure to keep him safe as possible. Although now in care he's had the vaccine.
But I wondered how would people with dementia living on their own, react to receiving such a letter? It's assuming they will have access to someone who will help them. Will they take the initiative to seek help?


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Aug 27, 2020
My husband received the letter yesterday. As you say, a bit late now but I guess it’s good to have acknowledgement. Quite frankly I can’t see any change from what we are doing now. We can continue to have our bubble with my daughter, and go for walks when he’s up to it.
Talking about walking, we walked to the village the other day to the pharmacy. No further than we would normally walk but on the way back he really struggled. Of course, just when you need a branch to sit on there were in sight. We made it to my daughters house, I just got him indoors and after nearly collapsing in the passage,, I got him to a chair. After a cup of coffee and a half hour rest we could carry on home.