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Shed some light on homes?


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Oct 11, 2005
Hi everyone,

Ispent the day with my mum and my stepdad yesterday as Mum had a doctors appointment and my stepdad needed to talk to the doctor alone about mum's worsening condition. Mum has started to hallucinate and has become much more paranoid. On a recent visit to a family member my stepdad had a very bad time with my mum where the paranoia had reached a peak and it was realised how much mum had progressed.
The doctor has suggested some anti-psychotic drugs she is going to read up on them and try and get the one that she feels is best suited for mum, also she asked if my stepdsad now needed outside assistance and involvment from the social services and my stepdad said yes. He was asked if he wanted to put mum in a home yet but he said no until mum stops recognising who he is. This got us talking about how little we know about homes for younger people with dementia and threw up questions like...

  • [*]Does it have to be a specific home for dementia sufferers?
    [*]Is there a different home for younger sufferers?
    [*]How is it paid for? and how much will it cost?
I understand that it is different in each area but we just need a rough outline of whats out there through the eyes of the carers!
I spoke to the Alzheimers helpline the other day as we needed some advice and they where so helpful and kind-big up the society!
I'd appreciate your help with my million questions.
Thanks everyone out there!
Mandy x


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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Mandy.
If you look on the factsheets (top left corner), there is one called Younger people with dementia; it has a link to a database that gives access to care homes that take clients under 65. I also noticed a factsheet about drugs for behavioural issues, it may be worth having a look at.
Funding will depend on what savings mum has. Roughly, under £12000, the council pay, £12000 to £20000 costs are shared, £20000+ mum would be self funding. As her spouse is living in the house, the house would not be considered as part of her assets. THIS IS ONLY WHAT I HAVE UNDERSTOOD FROM ARTICLES ON THE INTERNET, I MAY BE WRONG, it is my understanding that this applies to over 65's, it may be different for younger sufferers. The help sheet also tell you what benefits are available.
Let us know what you find out, it may help thers in your position.
Love Helen