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servere memory loss


Registered User
May 17, 2022
IIM new here - suffered from a TIA just recently again now the second one- since then memory loss got really bad. and cofusion,
getting lost and not sure where i am going at times, losing my self in mid sentences, feeling really angry at times, dont want to socilize, finding i hsrf to write my own name- really concerned about Dementia
Forgive my grammer but struggling to think and write this. should i see My GP, feel really unsur what to do .


Volunteer Moderator
Jul 14, 2006
Hi and welcome to the forum @mikeb2.

You have so many problems there you really do need to see your GP and he/she will put steps in place to see what is going on and the way forward for you.

Please keep reading the forum and asking any questions you may have. We all understand and very supportive.