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Seeking advice


Registered User
Jan 6, 2016
Hi, I am new.
My family member has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's a while ago.
I see her often and spend precious time with her.
I would like some suggestion/advice on activities we can do together, please.
On top of this memory problem, she has sight problem as well.
At the moment, she listens to audio books and radio, listens to someone reading papers and books to her and have a discussion about the topics, goes to classical concerts, visits gardens, go on little holidays, etc., but she needs more activity to fill her days.
I have tried games that doesn't have to be able to see at family gatherings but didin't go very well.
I have been thinking what else we can do with her so that this (almost) blind person doesn't get bored.
She used to do cooking, gardening, knitting, and so on but sadly can't do any more as she can't see and she gets too confused.
Thank you.


Volunteer Moderator
Feb 27, 2015
Welcome to TP :)

You're doing lots of stuff with & that's fab. Ask her to tell you about her life, her parents etc.


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Apr 24, 2013
Cats idea is good and you might like to take it further by creating a family tree with her that you can talk about. It becomes an adventure. Start with her parents names, date of marriage, dates and place of birth if she knows them, occupation. If she recalls anything about grandparents enter that on your tree. Work backwards as much as you can then start to look online for information. Free on the website for Latter Day Saints/Family History and a charge on sites like Ancestry and Scotlandspeople.

I will warn you it becomes a black hole that sucks you in if you are a history buff. I spent a fortune on my family history and my husbands but I loved every minute and the wider family all got a copy and loved it too.