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Seeking Advice - Grandma with Alzheimers


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Dec 1, 2016
Hi everyone it's great to have found this forum. I have so many questions and issues but will try to keep this post short - my grandma was diagnosed two years ago with Alzheimer's, she lives at home and is cared for by my grandad (both in mid 80s) My grandparents are very private people and only have my family and my mum in their lives. My grandad is really struggling with caring for grandma but will not allow for me to involve outside agencies in case they put my grandma in her home which was always her biggest fear. My grandma doesn't speak at all now, not one word, she is incontinent, spits all fluids out and takes over an hour to eat mice size portions. I'd like to find out what we should be doing to make life as comfortable for my grandma as possible, she spends all day in front of the fire never leaving the house - should I be taking her out more, if so to where she can't walk more than ten steps or so at a time. Although she doesn't communicate verbally i feel she is still aware of what is going on around her. Is there support groups I could contact that would not insist on a home visit? I just want help but I'm not sure where to go or turn - I've tried my grandmas GP but they were useless and I just feel a bit desperate!