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Section 2 - how do we stand?


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Mar 7, 2015
My dad has been pretty mobile, walks well, going to day clubs each week but problems being mainly at night getting agitated and wanting to get out and frightening mum a bit. Mum was obviously lacking sleep but at last GP appointment the GP said dad should be sectioned in what she called a hospital for 28 days. Mum thought it may be a good idea as dad is also pretty deaf and it would be a chance to give her a break and sort him out. He has only been prescribed quetiapine but mum said he has always been worse when he's taken this but still the GP prescribed it. Anyway dad went into unit last Wednesday - in that week he pretty much has changed and had a fall on Sunday morning and broke his hip - now in hospital. Although I'm not with it 24 hours a day I did think there could've perhaps been something else put in place before the section and to me it all happened too quick leading my mum to think it was the answer. Has anyone else had their relative sectioned and found any benefit from it. Has anyone got any advice - can we pull dad out? I obviously want what's best for him and mum but do feel he would deteriorate more by being in the assessment unit.

Brown girl

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Feb 24, 2013
Hi Bubbles,

My MIL has very recently been sectioned under Section 2 of the MHA due to refusing personal care and pain relief although having a fractured spine with a nerve compression which has resulted in her having to be fitted with a catheter permanently and an inability to open her bowels. She has became increasingly aggressive and mildly violent not allowing anyone to go anywhere near her.

My husband and I went to visit for the first time last weekend, she had only been in for 3 days and I have to confess we came away totally traumatised and distressed by the deterioration not only in MIL's mental health but the increased abusive behaviour which was mixed with bouts of crying. She recognised us both fleetingly but soon forgot who we were, although this dipped in and out.

I completely understand how you are feeling as we both came away completely overwhelmed and totally helpless by the situation. I have spoken to the hospital daily since and while they say she is noticeably calmer, the Doctor didn't sound terribly convincing when I asked if she was showing signs of improvement. As you may be aware, patients are detained for upto 28 days on a Section 2 so that analysis can be made and if necessary, work out an effective medication regime and to assess care requirements for when they leave hospital.

Is it the right move, I honestly can't say - even for MIL who was increasingly in need of intervention, I am not sure that the 'hospital' was the right move but if it does eventually lead to your dad being calmer, particularly of a night-time - this is going to benefit not only him but you mom too.

My love and prayers with you all on this sad journey, I hope that things work out for you all.