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Section 2 ending soon - Discharge Meeting Advice Please


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Aug 29, 2021

I wonder if anyone has experience mild cognitive decline with suspected parkinsons - auditory and visual delusions and paranoia & led to mental health assessment admission under section 2. Mums delusions etc were all present in her home/not sleeping etc upset and frightened believing people in loft/cupboards etc/leaving home with bag packed to get bus ‘anywhere’ rather than be at home. None of this has been present whilst admitted in assessment centre (alrhough she still believes it all and has told them all about it herself) - a week after admission they started her on quetiapine and has been very settled. Discharge meeting arranged for next week with 10 healthcare professions and me - really concerned that as she has been settled there and as she is still mobile etc. they will agree with her request go home and potential refusal of carers and revert back to medication is poison stance - any experience or advice welcomed - as much as I want mum home I am not around 24/7 and am really concerned and worried - Thank you