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Second guessing everything


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Jan 29, 2020
This thread has made me feel so much better - my mum has dementia but not enough to be in a home. Luckily my Dad is still capable of making sure everything goes ok (leaving the oven/hob on, taking the remote control out instead of her phone) but it's such a rollercoaster of emotions. One day she could be chatting away about anything and everything, the next she's sitting in my car in silence and I have no idea what to say. I'm so on edge around her now that we've lost all closeness and I feel endlessly guilty but she can be so difficult at times. She's suspicious and very picky about everything - she'll argue the colour of grass. She also makes up such stories about everything and we just go with it or she gets really upset. My Dad is becoming very lonely as she is a bit aggressive and accusing him of lots of things. It feels as though she lives in a little bubble of her own but the hardest thing is not being able to predict how she'll be at all. Sorry - feels like i'm having my own pity party but it's difficult to find people to relate to!
Hi @Lunamoon, its certainly a good place to share/offload and I have found so many respondees to be selfless and generous in their responses and guidance. I think that the inconsistency is natural and it will take some getting used to but it's on here that I am learning to do exactly as you said you and your dad do which is essentially allow their reality without correcting but I imagine it must be hard for you both so you have my sympathy for what it's worth but definitely keep posting and reading as there is such great insight on here and lovely people too.