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Jul 19, 2005
Scotland found this out while searching the net so contacted them and they sent me all the details. I am going to tell the social worker about it as well. It sounds a really good idea a carer goes on holiday with the sufferer to let you go on holiday.No more going into nursing homes until they are so bad they need to. Instead they go to hotels, caravans,farms etc some have activities day trips etc the sufferer goes on holiday not locked up in a hospital (which is what happened to my husband) The holiday is geared to the sufferer what they like to do. It is also cheaper to do this and is paid by direct payments. I think this is a really good idea to use while they can do it. It doesn't use up nursing home beds for respite also hospitals leaving them for the more acute and is also cheaper than sending them to them which can be unsuitable. The carer goes with them that they no and looks after them but on holiday bus trips, walks, boat trips,sightseeing, putting, beach etc. Don't no why i wasn't told about it unless they don't no (that won't surprise me)
This also means that you are in control of the breaks take them when you need one and in an emergency it can also be used.
I don't no if there is the same as this in England but check it up


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Mar 24, 2006
Co Durham
Hi Chip,

This sounds a brilliant idea and one which will attract a lot of attention. There seems to be a lot of scope with this and I am sure that both Users and carers would have a wonderful time.
I would imagine that a lot of people who have Demetia or alzheimers would relish the idea of a holiday like this, and the thought that you and the carer are in control of the holiday is a very good idea.


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