Scared of a care home assessment


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Mar 15, 2006
Morecambe, UK
Jean gets assessed tomorrow, apparently, to see if she is classed as EMI (a lot of googling came up with Elderly Mentally Infirm for that one). Her social worker (useless woman) rang me today to say that they are seeing her TOMORROW - a little warning please??? Well I am scared they are going to get her all worked up and tell her we are putting her in a home and stuff (which we are thinking about but should be up to us to tell her not some random woman she doesn't remember), but we can't be there at the meeting because of work. Gav thinks we shouldn't be there because Jean expects us to answer the questions when we are there. I just feel a bit like we are abandoning a small child to be interrogated or something :(

Gav has rearranged work so he can visit after 5pm to check she is ok but I can't go and he usually needs me as an interpreter - her communication is getting worse and I don't know if it is the tone of his voice or the way he talks but seems to be able to understand me more than him. She always looks at me for an explanation when she hasn't heard/understood what he has said, but I can't be there tomorrow :(

I know I shouldn't worry about things that haven't happened but that is what I do :(



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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Blue Gremlin,
Day by day. Maybe the SW will be able to get a truer assessment if you are not there to interpret. Maybe it is right that Gav has to learn to deal with Jean without you around - not good for one person to become indispensable. OK, maybe they won't understand as well as you do, but everyone will do their best, and Jean will survive.
Just try and relax, if not you are going to be worn out by tomorrow night.
Let us know how it all goes.