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Scam Call


Registered User
Jan 5, 2014
I did read that the 'microsoft windows' scam catches mainly retired people.

They have phoned when only my daughter was home(aged 12 or 13 then) and it really scared and upset her and she went through a phase of refusing to answer the landline when we phoned from work - can't remember whether it was after school or school hols.

On the mircrosoft one - when I've mentioned telephone preference service they have always had a quick clever answer - whereas most hang up dead at that point -as if supervisor cuts the call.

Windows scrappage scheme seems to be the one i get all the time. I'm guessing on a drive by they've seen we've got one window that isn't double glazed.


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Jun 18, 2013
I pay for incoming phone numbers to be displayed, if I don't recognise the number I make a note of it and check it on Google, then I know next time they try should I answer or not. I also leave the answer phone on, scammers will never leave a message.
TPS will not stop the foreign calls
Good luck everyone.
Sarah @