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says it all


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Jul 31, 2004
i bought this card today and am going to put it on grans grave at christmas had to share the words with you
i often sit and think about
the years that have passed by
and of the happiness and joy
that was shared by you and i
i think of all the laughter
the smiles and all the fun
and before i even know it
my tears have once again begun
for although it brings me comfort
to walk down memory lane
it reminds me how without you
life has never been the same

i felt that the words were very relevent in this cruel disease


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Jul 17, 2012
im very sorry for your loss and you are right--these words are so true. my mom died 7 months ago , my dad 18 years. when i read this, in think of what im going to do---im recuperating from eye surgery and then im going with my son to the grave of my parents--they were buried together and married 50 years. i always loved to write and my mom loved ,my writing. she remembered nothing at the end, but held on to my letters.so im going to leave a letter with a rock over it.the weather will blow it away in no time, but somehow i feel theyll see it.