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Safety for gas cookers


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Dec 23, 2015
I know of an elderly gentleman who has had to have his gas cooker disconnected for safety reasons.
This is causing more confusion as he tries to heat milk on the hob and has home through matches trying to light it.
He can't have microwave as he has a pacemaker.
I have heard of a cooker that switches itself off. Does anyone know of such a cooker doe has?
Any advice would be welcome


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Aug 24, 2013
Hi Lynn, welcome to TP
Two options, all modern gas hobs have a flame failure devise fitted (FFD) so if the thermocouple (heat sensor) goes cold it cuts the gas off you could replace the gas hob with one of these.
Alternatively you could get a new electric induction hob, these turn off if there isn't a pan on the ring. They work electromagnetically so as soon as the pan is removed they instantly turn off, however, there may be an issue as he has a pacemaker and that may rule them out. The manufacturers say anyone with a pacemaker should stay 2 feet away and I guess that isn't practical.