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safeguarding meeting- have you been to one?

Anna Rose

Registered User
Aug 27, 2015
Mum is in a residential EMI unit, and every day brings a different challenge. Recently she has begun to lash out at staff and other residents. The staff are lovely and seem to accept things like being hit with her walking frame as an occupational hazard, but assaults on other residents are worrying and are, quite rightly,reported to social services.

We have been told that there is to be a "Safeguarding meeting", which sounds alarming. Has anyone attended this kind of meeting? I'm trying to get some idea of what to expect, and what the possible outcomes are. My experience of other meetings with Social Services is that they turn out in force. I find it very intimidating.

I completely understand and agree that lashing out is unacceptable, but Mum is quite severely impaired now. I dont know what we can do about it, and I worry about what's coming next.


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Nov 28, 2004
My Mum was in EMI Nursing and there were several incidents which led to safeguarding meetings. The meetings which were held did not involve us, they were between the manager and social services I think, plus the mental health team perhaps. But we were informed when the meetings were to take place, and then what the outcome was afterwards.