SAD and Alzheimers


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Feb 9, 2004
Hi everyone - just wanted to pick your brains!

My mum suffers from AD and vascular dementia and with the going of the summer sun we have noticed her sundowning is getting a bit worse (it definately got better over the Summer). We thought it may be due to a lessening of outdoor activities, however we are getting her out and about whatever the whether. In a recent Daily Mail article on AD they mention the SAD lamps may be of some help. Has anyone tried these? If so if there anywhere we can rent one to give it a go - unfortunately the ones in the paper were a bit pricey!

Thanks a lot.


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Jan 31, 2004
near London
Hi Kerry-Jane

Can't help with the sourcing of lamps, but before my wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer's/vascular, her Harley Street consultant diagnosed her as suffering from SAD. Unfortunately the lighting she proposed for my lounge - massive arrays of strip lights - would have given us all snow-blindness. Commercially, the special lamps were not even around then, to my knowledge.

Certainly the diminishing light levels do have an effect on sundowning.

Best of luck searching


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Oct 9, 2003
Birmingham Hades
Halo Kerry-Jane
I have noticed that my wif's sundowning is worse again now that the eveningsare dark earlier.
We had got over the sundowning a lot but it is back again.
Don't know anything about the lamps.
best wishes

Nutty Nan

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Nov 2, 2003
light boxes

I have very recently read up on light boxes and bodyclocks, and found a company ('OutsideIn' in Cambridge) who present a great deal of research which links with Alzheimers.
They sell a vast range of light boxes and bodyclocks, which are rather pricey, but with a 21-day home trial, you can't really loose.

I think they might be a very worthwhile investment, and the only reason I have deferred a decision to buy is that by the time I come home from work I think it would be too late to use one for my husband, as it might energise him during the 'wrong' part of the day.

I would be very interested in other people's opinions / experiences.

Regards, Carmen


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Dec 11, 2003
Tully, Qld, Australia
Dear All,

The darker evenings certainly had a very noticeable effect on my parents' sundowning and it got quite a bit worse when the clocks changed as well. They both started getting agitated around 3.45pm and by 6.15pm were demanding to go to bed and it was all I could do to keep them up until after 7.30pm. Of course, this had a knock-on effect with them both getting up several times during the night and wandering around, as well as waking very early in the mornings. Overcast days also caused similar problems during the summer months.

Any information on lighting would be very helpful since I've found that sundowning is one aspect that really becomes hard to cope with.



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Feb 9, 2004
Many thanks everyone for your replies. I am looking into the various options and will let you know if we have any results.


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Feb 9, 2004
Just a quick update to say that I found a company on the web that hires out the light boxes - so have ordered one to give it a go. Arrives tomorrow so will keep you up to date on results - here's hoping!!


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Nov 2, 2004
Hello kerry-Jane

Would you possibly send me a link on where you found the light boxes for hire please.

After reading the links about sundowning it mirrors quite a few behaviours dad is presenting at the mement and mum is seriously struggling. :(


Sheryl x

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