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Running for Alzheimer's


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Jul 18, 2005
Leeds, Uk
Hi everyone!

I'm running the Great North Run this year on the 18-9-05 for Alzheimer's Society.

My mother who is just 59 have been suffering from advanced early onset dementia for the past few years. Unfortunately she lives too far away in another country for me to be there as often as I wish to. Fortunately Dad is still fit and well and is trying his very best to look after Mum. For a 'typical' male who never did any housework or washing up or cooking, he is coping tremendously well as he is now doing everything! He is however beginning to show signs of mental exhaustion and aging. He appreciates every little support I can give from where I am, and is grateful for the medication Mum takes.

Although my parents won't benefit from the funds raised by Alzheimer's Society, I know how difficult a condition it is to live with. I hope to raise as much as I can with running the GNR, and hope to contribute towards much needed funds for research into more effective medication, and to prove that preventing and treating Alzheimer's is a financially effective measure.

I believe everyone should do as much as they can for those in real need of help.

Please sponsor me generously whilst I do the gruelling task of running 13.1 miles for Alzheimer's Society. Please visit www.justgiving.com/ai_lyn_tan

Have a good day and thanking you in advance :) ,
Ai Lyn