roller coaster of emotions. one day it will all make sense


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Mar 30, 2006
Hi every-one, i,m sure when you have discovered this site you laugh as all of a sudden some one is out their that has the embarrising feelings of being a carer you know what i mean.!!! no need of explanations of how the family got here. anyway lets just condence where we are now. mum had her 7th birthday recently who is in a care home now i am her carer from long distance but i manage, any-way i wasn,t going to visit her as i thought she would understand if she had been "normal" pre A.D. i had travelled every 2nd week from cheshire to scotland recently sorting out the problems that goes with a.d. you know what i mean. i then decided that i would visit because i coudn,t depend on the rest of the family visiting because they would rather avoid long term a.d. however i did visit but my birthday wish for my mum was to recognise me on her birthday. she did as i wore my red jumpper and red shoes she couldn,t avoid me. glad i was there although difficult time (nothing new there) as i dressed her for her birthday from knickers to the new red blouse and lovely black skirt, she would have appoved of my taste. she was confused but never mind the next day she was going on a trip organised by town break a.d. group. that was great as i talked her into it but how that birhday mattered. took her to bus staion where every-one was meeting to go on her trip to perth. what a feeling that was as when she got on the bus with her fellow a.d. colleagues all of a sudden she was a normal pensioner going on a trip got the photo to prove it. off she went and i then waited on her return after 6 hours she returned and i was waiting for her on her return and guess what, she saw me waiting for her and when i got her off the bus she said i am so glad you were waiting for me ELAINE . tHE END OF THE STORY IS SHE REMEMBERED ME BY NAME AFTER SO MANY YEARS OF CALLING ME THINGY SHE REMEMBERED ME HER DAUGHTER ALTHOUGH I FELT LIKE HER MOTHER MEETING HER OF THE BUS OF BEING HER MOTHER. SOMETIMES IT FEELS GOOD BEING A A.D.CARER. sorry for the impromptu message i am just starting to feel better as A.D. carer after 9 years. take care my fellow A.D. carer some times it gets better


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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Elaine, That is fantastic!!! I can imagine how you must have felt. Thank you for sharing.


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May 14, 2006
Ups and downs

Hi Ell,
What a brilliant day you must have had.!
Your mother called you by name after a long time of not being able to. She must have had that ability hidden inside herself, but was just unable to recall it until she experienced something out of the ordinary.
I think people remain the same person even though they find it difficult to communicate. We need to remember the positive things and try not to let the negative things overwhelm us.
I never know what to expect from one day to the next, but a smile or a meaningful chat make visiting seem so much more worthwhile.
Best wishes
from Kayla


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May 24, 2006
tingewick, bucks.
Hello Elaine,

Thank you for your posting.

It gives us all a glimmer of hope that, even though it's usually locked inside our loved ones, they are still and always will be the very same person we know and love so much.