Rod Stable But Admitted To Hospital With 300 Seizures.

Hello fellow carers with relatives who are stable and predictable etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. (PCT bull****)

Rod was admitted to hospital Tuesday 15th May, 2007. This man is supposed to be predictable and stable. I was phoned by the nursing home at approx 9.30 am and arrived before the ambulance. The ambulance crew were extremely good. We got to the hospital and I witnessed at least one seizure per minute, that makes a total of at least 300 seizures while I was there. I am totally distraught and have spoken to the lawyers who will be forwarding a letter to Central and Eastern Cheshire Primary Care Trust ASAP. This time I will demand a continuing care assessment at the hospital before he is discharged. I will block a bed for as long as it takes to get this assessment. The idiots have not got a leg to stand on after all the lies and deceit they have thrown at me, including the damning evidence they sent to me by mistake.

Kind Regards,

Stephen (Johnson).

Don't forget the petition. We have just under 2,000 signatures.


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Feb 17, 2006
what a shock for you to see that happen to Rod

I am so sorry to read what is happing to Rod , my thoughts are with you both , keep posting to tell us how he is geting on xx


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Apr 10, 2006
Hi Stephen

I'm so sorry to hear about Rods condition, i know exactly how you feel, this time last year my partner suffered continuous fits for 3 weeks which the hospital could not get under control................ to see the person i loved most in this world lie face down with his head hanging over the bed, blood dripping from his mouth from biting his tongue, the journey to the hospital in the ambulance, feeling so, so helpless, it haunts me to remember how i watched this day and night for 3 weeks, not able to leave the hospital as the fits were so bad we had to hold him heart goes out to you, its something that i don't think i'll ever get over.

I hope Rod's condition improves and that you find the strength to get through this difficult time.

Love Alex x


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Jul 10, 2006
south lanarkshire
Hi Alex

I hope you are now accepting your husbands death.
You did all you could do and what you felt was right at the time, because of your love for him.
It must have been very traumatic for you.
I believe in fate, karma,whatever one would like to call it.
When it is our time, it is our time, and nothing will change that.

Take care of yourself