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Rochdale woman jailed for defrauding mother


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Nov 6, 2013
A woman who defrauded her mother out of £120,450, spending it on trips to Paris, to football matches and the theatre, has been jailed for a year.

In 2008, she was given power of attorney over the finances of her mother, who was moved to a care home due to her ill health.

A year later, her mother's house was sold for nearly £80,000 to help pay for her care, police said.

Prior to the sale, Casey contacted Rochdale Council saying her mother, who has since died, was entitled to financial support.

When the council asked for a year's worth of bank statements to support her claim, she did not reply.

Casey contacted them again in 2012 with the same enquiry and arranged to fill in assessment forms with a benefits officer.

It was then noted that significant amounts of money had been withdrawn from the account, which Casey claimed were her mother's gifts to the family.

After police started an investigation, they found Casey had fraudulently obtained £120,45.73 between November 2008 and December 2014.

She stopped paying for her mother's care in October 2012. Her mother died last year.

Det Sgt Paterson said: "What Casey did to her own mother is quite frankly disgusting.

"She withdrew thousands of pounds while spending hundreds on luxury trips to Paris, buying tickets to the theatre and football as well as purchasing electrical goods."

The link is here:


Just for interest. :)


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Aug 24, 2013
Scamming the elderly is all too common be it; family, friends, care workers or bogus tradesman stories like this appear every day almost. A 12 month sentence of which she'll more than likely serve only half of for stealing £120,000 is hardly a deterrent, people get that for persistent shop lifting.

Miss Merlot

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Oct 15, 2012
I just don't get it.

My MIL is nothing to me. Not blood, not a long-standing family member, not really anything to me but "dementia on legs".

Still, I could never do this to her - and God knows I've had ample opportunity, the number of times she's handed me her bank card trusting as a lamb that I would use it for what she'd asked for and nothing else...

Now we've got POA, the opportunities for this sort of thing, were we that way inclined, are even greater.

Never ever ever!

If someone trusts you that much and wholly believes the best in you, what sort of person do you have to be to betray that...???

What a cow.


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Aug 15, 2012
north east lincolnshire
you'd be surprised,my wife's mum was laid on her death bed with only a day or 2 left at the hospital and her daughter/wife's sister helped herself to money out of her purse,not realising that the wife's auntie knew exactly what was in it,there are scummy people in this world and because we aren't we struggle to get our heads round it.

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