Risperdal Tablets...


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Jan 5, 2007
Latest Update...spoke to my Dads Doctor this morning and explained all the symptoms he's experiencing and he let me have some Risperdal 0.5mg tablets, one per day, to see if it helps him...he's taken one this morning and he's already alot calmer...so everyone around him is calmer...AMEN to that....just wondered if anyone has had any experience of these tablets...all advice appreciated. Thanks:)


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Jun 7, 2005
Risperdal Tablets

Hi MillyP
I am mums sole carer looking after mum 24/7. She was prescribed Risperdal 0.5mg
twice daily three and a half years ago and I wouldnt want her to be taken off them.
She was prescribed them before a diagnosis was made. Although her normal personality is very meek and mild she became totally unmanageable. Within 2 days of starting on them she was more normal and peaceful. Without thes tablets there is no way i could have managed her. Her AD has deteriorated considerably but she is still on the same dose and thank God she is manageable. Hope you have the same success.